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Cultivating Creativity

Reflection from Hardev Kaur

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I am a creative being

I am a spiritual being

I am a being of light and love

I am both creator and creation

The air I breathe has been breathed by all humans throughout all the ages. I am connected through this breath to all beings.


I swim in a pool of creative energy. Like a fish, I am unaware of the water. That pool is God: constantly supporting me, constantly playing me, playing with me. I have all that I need to create all that I want. What I bring is what sometimes blocks me – my fears, emotions, neuroses; These things help make who I am, but they do not define me.


If I have all that I need, what is my purpose? How does that change or define me? That knowledge means that I don’t need to spend my life searching for wealth, happiness, health, youth – that’s what the capitalists make us think. When we know we are creators together and separate in our awake life and in our dreams – we can vibrate and dance and smile and climax and there will be all that we desire, all that we intend.


No catch, no gimmicks, no sales, specials, deals, bargains, buy-one-get-one, marketing;


Only making, doing, loving, Ramming, coming, cresting, crawling, creating, wanting, wishing, praying, blessing and thanking.



Let’s dream this reality the one we want.


One Creator, Creation


True is the Name of my True Identity

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