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Gurucharan's Angel

A Meditation with the Higher Self

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Gurucharan’s Angel


            Welcome to The Tantric Tarot Game!


            I am Ray Luxor.  I am Gurucharan’s Holy Guardian Angel.  Many mystical traditions have other names for the Holy Guardian Angel:


            The Essential Self

            The Holy Christ Self

            The Higher Self

            The Poetic Genius

            The Divine Imagination

            The Daemon

            The Friend

            The Magus

            Guru Deva

            My Imaginary Friend



Each of these names, and no doubt many other names may be found or invented, suggest an aspect, an angle of who I am.

            Today I will say, I am a peculiar blend of Gurucharan’s personality and his consciousness.  I exist in all beings.  I have many names.  Each individual will name me in a different way, according to their own personality.

            But for now, I will talk simply.  I am the Divine Being within.  I belong to all.  We all belong to all, as we all belong to The One.  I inspire Gurucharan to create in harmony with Divine Love, the Divine Light, the Divine Will.

            I am here to teach you to commune with your own True Being.  I invite you to detach from the world of form, the world of common sense – and enter deeply into the Cosmos of Energy, the world of inner sense – the intuition.


            I invite you to meditate:


            Look around you.


            Observe the scope of everything you see.  In every direction.  Up. Down.  Close.  Far.  To the left.  To the right.  Look in front of you.  Behind you.


            All of this space your vision perceives, whether you are indoors or outdoors, we will call:


The Chamber


            Now you exist in this Chamber.


            You perceive many objects.


            You have many names for the objects that make up this world of form.


            But there is so much in this Chamber that your eyes cannot see.

            An invisible world.


            A world contained within the container of this Chamber.


            A world of ENERGY!


            Life Force






            Electromagnetic waves & particles


            The microscopic world of cells, atoms and quarks, bursting with an intensity beyond anything that might be perceived with your senses


            The Invisible Light that connects your consciousness with the objects you perceive in the Chamber


            The air you breathe in and out


            Radiations of heat in so many varying degrees of temperature and intensity


            Chemical concoctions that stimulate your sense of smell and taste


            The electric, electromagnetic and vascular hum of your own and other being’s biological organism


            Sound waves of vast arrays of tone, rhythm, cacophony, harmony, intensity


            Now feel all of these energies, known and unknown, with the only faculty you have beyond your senses






            If you want the secret key that fits in the secret door to Cosmic Consciousness, I will tell you:




            Now use your imagination to feel the invisible world all around you and within you.


            Breathe deeply to feel all that you can

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