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The Alchemical Marriage of Spiritual & Erotic Love

Nothing   Nothing   Nothing

I want you to be Limitless

Nothing   Nothing   Nothing

I Am Infinite

I AM Infinite

I AM Infinite

Can you imagine the beginning of all and everything?


In the Beginning . . .

Before the creation existed.  Before anything existed.  Nothing to see, feel, touch, hear, taste, experience.

            One Being.  Alone.  A deep sleep?  A dawning awareness?

            Self-Awareness; because all there was, was a Self.  No qualities.  No polarities.  A void.  An empty void?  A luminous void?

            Something happened.  A Creation sprung forth out of nothing.  This is the answer science and reason can never give.  Back then, at the beginning, there was nothing to measure, nothing that was measurable.

            Only the Soul can answer the question of the beginning.  Because we were all there.  The spark of awareness, love, being that makes us a Soul was there in the beginning, before the creation.

            We know.  It may be obscured in our minds by the clamor of facts, words, images, illusions that flood us now.  But in the deepest part of our Self, we know.

            One Being.  In the beginning.  Growing in Self-Awareness.  Dwelling in pure bliss of Being begins to hum – to vibrate.  The One Creative word.

            Now we have become a Word.  With a sound.  An empty Void of Being.  Pure Consciousness.  And.  A vibration of Being.  A Void of Being and a Vibration of Ecstasy.

            The Cosmic Lovers.

            Vibration melting into Being.  Being melting into Vibration.  An eternal flow.  An eternal sound.  The beginning of Cosmic Love.

            An ecstasy so sweet.  A music so enchanting and beautiful.  Songs of love, ecstasy, peace, rising, falling.

            And so it is: Now.  In our bewildering creation, so many individual souls beyond our ability to count.  All vibrating.  As true as the reality of sound.  As true as the reality of light.  As true as the electromagnetic forces that bind all matter and energy, particles and waves in an infinite quantum dance.

            That Spirit is ever awake, ever aware, ever free.  Ever the Source of the Cosmic Hum.  Ever the enjoyer of the vibrations of bliss.

            That ecstasy:  ever vibrating, ever longing, ever merging, ever longing to merge, separating and uniting.  Coming in; Going out;  Emerging – Returning.  In and out, in and out, vibrating to the musical rhythm of the Cosmic Hum.  The erotic longing.  Desire.  Coming from and Returning to the One Cosmic Being.

            This is the alchemical marriage of Spiritual and Erotic Love.

            When we feel our Being through the power of awareness.

            When we feel our Ecstasy through the power of Erotic Love.

            When we feel the merging rhythms of Being and Vibration.

            We are one with the Cosmic Lovers, transcending all phenomenon of time and space.

            Science and Reason can never know it or measure it.


We know it within the depths of our Being.  We are the Cosmic Lovers.  We are the One Being Now.  In this moment.  Awake. Vibrating.  Dancing the Infinite.  Dancing the Eternal.  Dancing the Cosmic Dance of Spiritual & Erotic Love.


Join Hardev and myself, Gurucharan in our 8-Week Journey beginning Feb. 11, 2018, exploring The Alchemical Marriage of Spiritual & Erotic Love

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