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The Goddess Within

Two Sides of the same Angel

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Welcome to The Tantric Tarot Game!

I am Brigidda.  I am Gurucharan’s Holy Guardian Angel.  Ray Luxor and I are one Being. Like Janus we have two faces, the masculine and feminine polarity of Gurucharan’s Being.  For Gurucharan, we appear as teachers of Tantra and we appear in different ways to teach the unity of all Tantric polarities.  Sometimes I appear as Ray Luxor, a male guide, master of the alchemy of Light.  And now, I appear as Brigidda, Goddess of the alchemy of love.

Love has many frequencies and my special frequency is the vibration of erotic love.  Together, Ray Luxor and I teach The Alchemy of Spiritual and Erotic Love.  Our teaching is radical:  that spiritual and erotic love occurs and are available on the same frequency.

We say:

Cultivate the Light of Yoga in your Spiritual Temple of Body, Mind, Heart, Soul and Spirit.

We say:

Cultivate the deep erotic passion of your Soul.  This Creation is One Tantric Being of Infinite depth.  We encourage you to become the Lover, the one who gives their attention fully to the Beloved.  In every detail of the endless labyrinth of this creation, the Divine Being sleeps, longing to be awakened by our love and attention.

The erotic impulse is a signal that shows us the Beloved has begun to awaken.The living Light, the infinite world of invisible energies, caresses us with awakening pulsations.

In the world of Duality, Love and Light, have been set against each other in the battle of the sexes, the tension between form and energy.  Religions have taught us to be wary of the erotic energies, the sexual attractions.  We are told sex is dangerous and an arena of power struggles of dominance, deceit, manipulation.

We say:

Erotic Desire is the guidance system of the Soul.

We say:

Embrace desire deeply.  Feel desire deeply.  Move with desire.  Express desire in your speech, your touch, your erotic embrace, your smile, your voice, your breath.

Every breath is an erotic in and out.  Feel it.  The Vajra, the male scepter, enters the cave of the body, the female temple. The Vajra stirs the awakening Soul and takes on a form, an expression of Divine Creativity.

Emanations, vibrations, radiations of Love Light stream forth from the erotic embrace.

An embrace of mind and mantra.

An embrace of breath and prana.

An embrace of image and creative vision.

An embrace of devotion and consciousness.

The union of Creator and Creation creates a moment of Magick, an awakening, a portal of freedom for which we all long.

Do not fall for the lies that have been told to stifle your erotic radiance, your desire to merge with the One Being that pervades everywhere in the infinite chambers of the Creation.

We say:

To serve Erotic Love is to serve the One Infinite Being!

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