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The Tantric Tarot Game Video Series

O The Fool and The Infinite in All Experience

· Kundalini Yoga,Tantric Tarot Game,Tarot,Tantra,Meditation

We are excited to begin posting our recently produced video series on The Tantric Tarot Game!  These videos present this Cosmic Discovery from the Consciousness and Imagination of Gurucharan Singh in a series which follows each of The Tarot Major Arcana from The Fool through The Universe; plus, an epilogue about playing The Tantric Tarot Game.  The Tantric Tarot Game allows us to voyage into the infinite dimensions of the Cosmos and come back to Earth with the ability to be truly present, creative and elevated in our lives.

If you have devotion and commitment in the realms of Spirituality, Kundalini Yoga, Tantra, intimacy and love, meditation, humanistic and transpersonal psychology and/or esoteric wisdom, you will find much to digest of high nutritional content.

Our first video explores the first of 22 Frequencies of Love, which is The Fool.  In this video, Gurucharan Singh and Sat Narayan Singh explore the highest state of Yogic and Tantric Consciousness known as Shuniya, the zero state in which we enter pure consciousness without the distortions of intellect.

Many thanks to Sat Narayan Singh for the subtle awareness and sophistication he brings to our dialogue and to Satya Kaur Tabachnick who directed and edited this video series!

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