• Cultivating Relationship with Your Soul

    Her Grace Slays The Man

    "No effort can make me a superman-I am bewildered by a billion tasks

    Can Hendrix and Nanak dwell in the same temple?

    I have collected a thousand jewels-In remembrance of True Love

    Only the touch of Her Grace heals the soul

    And I cannot earn it by any effort

    Forget your plans...Merge every fiber in the music of Nam."





    Spiritual Guidance

    Gurucharan offers one on one exploration of your unique spiritual path through conversation, tarot readings, and meditation.

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    Find a comfortable position in your body and listen to this mystical poem from the School of Cosmic Consciousness. Allow it to guide your soul into a meditative experience. Sat Nam.


    All teacher-students are encouraged to develop a personal sadhana practice of daily spiritual discipline.

    Sadhana can include any spiritual practices that bring you into greater conscious communication with your soul and the Cosmos. These practices often include chanting, yoga, journaling, tarot, poetry, and prayer.

    Kundalini Yoga

    Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan incorporates movement, breath, meditation, and sound into a complete yogic practice that addresses every dimension of your being. Appropriate for all levels including total beginners, every Kundalini Yoga class is its own distinctively energetic, rejuvenating, and unusual journey to make contact with your own True Identity.

    Gurucharan teaches Kundalini Yoga at Burning Spirits Yoga every week Tues-Fri from 12-1pm.

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