• Sustaining Our Community

    Becoming a Teacher-Student

    At the School of Cosmic Consciousness, we work together to build a spiritual community devoted to exploring our deepest selves, our intimate relationships, and our relationship to the Cosmos. We believe that by doing this important work, we can encourage the world to be a more loving, more caring, and more respectful place. When you become a part of this spiritual community, you become a part of this deepening experience of your own soul in community with other souls seeking their own truths. At its core, the work of the School of Cosmic Consciousness as a student and as a teacher is to heal ourselves so that we can do our small part in the healing of the world.


    Through classes, workshops, community ritual and gatherings, spiritual dialogues, yoga, and tarot, you will enter into a world of mystical exploration grounded in the needs and challenges of your soul. When you become a member, you gain greater access to this work as a teacher-student.


    The School of Cosmic Consciousness relies largely on the generosity of our members to sustain our community, our leaders, our staff, and the wonderful services we offer. Through membership dues and energetic exchange, we ensure that the School will be here for you when you need us in the years to come--a community that can hold you in times of joy, deep soul searching, or mourning the loss of a beloved.

    Benefits of Membership

    • Join us in our community gatherings and evenings of celebration 
    • Work one on one with Gurucharan to develop your spiritual path and deepen your relationship with your soul through in depth Tantric Tarot readings and spiritual guidance
    • Free Admission to the Tantric Couples Workshop series
    • Reduced prices for special events

    Visitors to Our Community

    If you are not ready to become a member of our community of teacher-students then check out our non-member fees for our offerings here.

    To Become a Member

    1.  Membership form here.
    2. Use Paypal to donate at the level you have selected below.
    3. If you have any questions, please contact us at (503)928-2617 or email us.  
    4. If you are a current member and would like to renew or update your membership, click here
  • Payment Options

    Use the button below to pay for your membership pledge for the number of months specified or for a particular service.

  • Visitor Offerings Menu

    If you are not ready to join our community as a member, below are our offerings with the cost for services.

    Tantric Couples Workshops------------$20.00 (per workshop)

    The Tantric Couples workshop series is a series of 8 workshops which can each stand alone on a variety of topics related to deepening your ability to be emotionally intimate with your Beloved.

    For more information click here.

    Kundalini Yoga--------------------------------$13.00 (per class)

    Kundalini yoga classes combine chanting, meditation, and some intense full body poses to bring your energy into focus and your body into alignment! For more information click here.

    Tantric Tarot Readings--------------------------------$54.00 (for a full 11 card spread)

    Gurucharan has 35 years of experience with Tarot and he developed the Tantric Tarot Game. These readings are 90 minutes. To schedule a reading click here.

    Special Events--------------------------------prices vary

    These events include spiritual dialogues between two teachers, group experiments with the Tantric Tarot Game, and more. For more information click here.

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