• Cultivating Relationship with Your Beloved

    The Tantric Couples workshop series

    In the tradition of Tantra, erotic energy and spiritual energy are different frequencies of One Divine Energy known as Kundalini Shakti.


    In the Tantric Couples workshop series, we work with individuals and couples who are in a relationship, aspire to be in a relationship, or want a deeper connection with their own soul.

    We have discovered that Tantra begins with a deep love and connection with the True Self.


    We understand Eros to be the spiritual impulse of the soul that unveils our deeper impulses of creativity. We have found that erotic energy expands as a couple sees and supports the true soul in their beloved. When we are deeply grounded in a relationship with our own body and soul then we can come into a deeper relationship with our Beloved.


    This path is both wildly fun and intensely serious. The Lover Within and the Lover Without become our own True Being. We explore the dark and light of our complex internal structures and the path of Total Fulfillment.

    In a Tantric Couples workshop, you may be invited into:

    • doing conscious communication exercises
    • journaling based on a spiritual prompt
    • Kundalini yoga exercises
    • Tantra yoga
    • Naad Yoga meditations
    • speaking about your experiences in or outside of a relationship

    All workshops dates are below for 2018-2019. All Tantric Couples workshops take place at the School of Cosmic Consciousness.

    Preparing the Ground: Working on the Self

    Loving Yourself                                            Sept. 23 at 4-7 pm


    Clarifying and Working with Intent             Oct. 21 at 4-7 pm


    Sadhana: Working on the Self                    Nov. 18 at 4-7 pm


    Conscious Communication                            Dec. 2 at 4-7pm

    Cultivating the Ground: Working on Relationships

    Cultivating Creative Energy Jan. 13 at 4-7 pm


    Cultivating Erotic Energy                             Feb. 10 at 4-7 pm


    The Cosmic Couple Mar. 10 at 4-7 pm


    The Yoga of Marriage                                    Apr. 7 at 4-7 pm

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