• Cultivating Relationship with the Cosmos

    The Tantric Tarot Game

    What is the Tantric Tarot Game?

    The Tantric Tarot Game uses the 78 images of any traditionally formatted Tarot Deck. Each image becomes a map and portal into the inner realms of The Soul.


    Discover the Krishna - Leela, the Divine play of Cosmic Creativity which occurs within the microcosm of your individual Self and creatively resonates with the macrocosm of the Cosmos.


    Tap your deepest potential of Creativity and Connection and discover that every event of each moment is the manifestation of the Divine Dream of your True Self.

    How do you play?

    There are no rules to the Tantric Tarot Game.

    Through your Divine Imagination, you will learn to communicate directly with the guides of the Tantric Tarot who will teach you to participate directly in the Cosmos.


    Come join us in Tantric Tarot Game Experiments where we learn to play the game through trying it! Experiments might look a little bit like improv theater, channeling Divine energies, or bibliomancy (the practice of divination through sacred texts). As we learn this magical game together, may we be brought forward in our own soul's journey through the Cosmos.


    Look in the newsletter or email Gurucharan for information on how to get involved in Tantric Tarot Game Experiments.

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