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    Gurucharan and Hardev Kaur

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    We invite you to join our community of teacher-students dedicated to the awakening of the frequencies of love and light in all human and other living beings.

    Our vision encompasses life from the most mundane to most extraordinary.

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  • Meet the Founders

    Daniel Gurucharan Tabachnick and Hardev Kaur McBride


    Daniel Gurucharan

    Teacher, Guide, Writer

    Gurucharan was raised in a family that encouraged self-discovery and revolutionary thinking. He had a profound spiritual experience on the Island of Naxos, Greece at age fourteen, which gave him intuitive awareness of the intensity of his life’s spiritual journey.


    In 1982, he met his Spiritual Teacher, Yogi Bhajan, and has been devoted to his teachings of Kundalini Yoga, Naad Yoga Meditation, White Tantric Yoga, and Self-Healing ever since. He has worked as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist, Psychotherapist and Addictions Counselor for the past 33 years.


    Through his relationship with inner guides, Gurucharan discovered that there is a Universal School of Wisdom, available to those who learn to tune in to the frequencies of Spiritual Light. His teachers have guided him through the Tarot since his youth and taught him The Tantric Tarot Game to assist those developing on the path of Light and intimate relationship.


    Hardev Kaur

    Hardev Kaur

    Lover, Mother, Wife, Sister, Teacher, Daughter

    As a woman, I am constantly aware of the many roles I navigate every moment, every day. Through my daily practices of Kundalini Yoga, Tantra, meditation, prayer, and conscious communication, I have learned to be present and awake to all the roles in my life, and to forgive myself when I’m not.


    I started my path as a Kundalini Yoga student in 2003, and became a certified teacher in 2004. These ancient practices have changed my life, and teaching Kundalini Yoga which energizes me like nothing else. Tantra is a path to balance our polarities, those masculine and feminine forces that propel us forward or slow us down to receive the beauty in every moment. I have practiced and studied the art of Tantra since 2009, and have found that harmonizing these energies can create a profound field of love and healing that impacts our inner and outer universe in a deeply healing way. Alongside my husband, Gurucharan, I create a warm, safe space to invite and teach you to move your energy, chant, share, listen, and align with your highest self.

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